Thursday, May 15, 2008

To sleep, perchance to dream

If good writers write what they know, then I should be the last person on earth writing about sleep.

Since high school I've gone through phases of insomnia - weeks at a time where I just don't sleep. It's not that I'm not tired, or that I don't try to sleep, it just doesn't work. I've learned to deal with it and when it happens I sleep when I can, but it isn't easy.

Even when insomnia isn't an issue I have a hard time sleeping. My nights are filled with tossing and turning. I'm blessed to have a husband who sleeps like the dead (or rather, he's blessed with that ability), otherwise there would definitely be issues with our relationship. A good night for me means I don't actually get out of bed. A typical night means it takes about an hour to fall asleep, I wake up and change position about 4 times (taking about 15 minutes to get back to sleep each time), and I'm out of bed once (either a potty break or just getting up until I feel tired again).

So it is no real surprise to me that Hana has "sleep issues". Even now at 18 months it's rare for her to go from midnight to 7 without at least one wake up (tho she usually puts herself back to sleep), never mind going a whole 12 hours without me going in at least once.

Now, being pregnant, I have to get out of bed at least once a night and trying to get comfortable seems like an impossible task. Hana is cutting her eye teeth (two through, two to go!) and so has been needing me at least once a night, sometimes twice. She's also started a lovely habit of being wide awake for two or more hours in the early morning.

So we're tired here. Very very tired. This weekend I'm really hoping to get two nights of uninterruptedish sleep and hopefully that will make the next few weeks easier.

I guess the good news is that waking up with a newborn won't really throw me off my routine too much and shouldn't be that hard to deal with.

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Angela said...

Oh, you poor thing. I won't start on our sleeping woes, since yours far outweigh them. I hope you are able to get some good sleep soon and before the baby comes!