Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Poked and Proded

Hana and I each had Dr appointments today.

She did great, she got 3 vaccinations, was weighed, measured and checked over. She did great with the vaxes, even cried less than I would have! She is now a whopping 21lbs3oz! Yeah, not so whopping. She's tiny - healthy and active, but tiny.

My appointment went well too. Baby is head down! That's just one more thing that makes this pregnancy so different from Hana's - she was breach the entire time. Everything looks great and I go back in two weeks. The only real concern now is getting my records from Alberta sent. We've been trying to get them since February and so far we have nothing. Not so good - they need my surgery notes.

So it was a big morning and we slept a good chunk of the afternoon. Hopefully the grogginess from the vaxes comes back and Hana won't be up all night!


Mommy Rader said...

Hoorah for great check-ups all around!!!

Weavers said...

*phew* I just got caught up on your blog again... I dont know what's been wrong with me, but I've been neglecting reading!! I agree with your post on antibacterial stuff, but then we already talked about that!! :) Im glad appt's went well, and i had to chuckle about Hana's "wet wet wet" I think thats great! your such a good mommy. your appreciated Steph!!!