Friday, May 23, 2008


Right now Hana is sitting in her high chair feeding herself yogurt. With a spoon.

I'm amazed. It's hard to believe that two years ago I was just starting to wear maternity clothes. That in such a short period of time not only have I become a parent, but that my child - that tiny being that started out too small to even see - is a person. A whole person, full of ideas, desires, emotions.

She's so independent now. She won't let us carry her up or down the stairs, or anywhere else for that matter. She always wants to "go walk". And she does go, she's fearless, once she gets the ok that she can explore she takes off and finds out everything she can about her environment.

She has wants and makes them clear. When they're not filled, she gets upset and expresses that, and then moves on to something else. When she wants help she asks for it. When she's excited about something she shares it with us.

I'm so amazed at how much she's grown and how quickly she learns. She's not a baby anymore, no longer fully dependent on me. But she's still mine, still needs her mama when she can't get back to sleep in the middle of the night, or when she feels like a snuggle in the middle of the day. As she grows our bond is changing, but it's still there, and still makes my heart sing.


Mommy Rader said...

Oh how I can relate! I miss the snuggles of my youngest one (and my oldest one for that matter!!) Elijah's independent stage has hit full force these last few months. I thought it would get easier with subsequent children, but it really doesn't. It certainly helps me to cherish those rare moments when they come to me wanting some luvin' =)

Maria Purviance said...

isn't it great watching your kids grow up. it's a little sad though...when they don't need you as much.