Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly WIP, New Year Edition

I admit, there wasn't much knitting going on for a while. I ended up ripping back Ben's Sweater and starting over, but starting over means I've already done it, so it's hard to get motivated. Especially after having to redo Mom's mitts (which were finished for Christmas and were very much appreciated, pictures to come!). I also was dead sick for a while and couldn't do anything.

However, I have still managed to get a little bit done here and there
Still working on my socks and am just past the heels.

I also started a very nice lacy cowl.
 The yarn for this is some knit picks shadow. I bought it a couple years ago and have started almost a dozen projects with it, but they've never been quite right. So far I'm really happy with this (and just want to have this yarn turn into something). Only thing I think it's missing is beads, but oh well, I'll survive.

I just finished some really nice blue yarn
Once it's dry it will become a hat for my dad. More on that later.
Last night I started spinning my multicolour batt
It's going to be a fluffy, slubby two ply and hopefully soon some mittens for a friend.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Proud Moment?

I am so proud of my daughter and the person she's growing up to be. A little nervous about the coming year (because she's far too much like me), but also very excited.

Here's some snippits from today:

I had just deposted a screaming boy in his room (he was mad because he didn't want to use the stool to get on the potty and I wouldn't lift him on) and I had flopped on my bed waiting for him to calm down. The screaming boy opened his door and whined his way downstairs.
Hana: mama isn't here Eli
Eli : why not?
Hana: She's having a time out
Eli: Why?
Hana: she needed some quiet time.

And then later, I heard the kids (my two plus my neighbours 3 year old) playing on the stairs.

Me: Guys? What are you doing?
Hana: Playing!
Me: Playing what?
Hana: I don't know what it's called.
Me: Well what do you do?
Hana: I don't's hard to explain
Me: Woud I not like it if I knew what you were doing?
Hana: I'm going to go do my homework

Then I overhear her talking to the boys : Don't do that guys, mama wouldn't like it.