Sunday, June 03, 2007


These are some things I've been thinking lately.

I'm a Christian. I believe in one God, that people are separated from Him, and that the only way to fix that separation is through the sacrifice of Christ.

I don't believe that because I'm a Christan that I've somehow got some sort of spiritual superiority, or that my hunger and devotion to God is any greater than anyone elses.

See, I believe there is some truth in every belief system. In fact, I think that the things we ignore in Christianity, things that we might even class as wrong or evil, make us miss out parts of God that He has revealed.

religion is created by man. God has continually revealed Himself, and we're left to interpret it. God reveals Himself in a sunrise, in the birth of a child, in scripture, in dance, in music. All good gifts come from God, all truth is God's truth, and I think we all miss Him in different ways.

So do I believe that "all roads lead to God" - no. I don't, because religion, doctrine, all that is all interpretation, and interpretation can be wrong.

The way I see it, every religion has within it a fatal vice, something that can distract a person from their search for God. It can be power, knowledge, experience, answers, empty promises, anything. I think if a person is able to overcome those things they will always keep searching for God, and realize that no one interpretation of Him has all the answers.

The Bible says that the earth reveals His glory, that He has written eternity on the hearts of men. How can we ignore that and think that somehow we have contained Him in the walls of a building, in a book, or even in our hearts. When Christians talk as though they are the only ones to experience God, to feel His love or see His glory or do His work it makes me mad. It ignores the work of the Spirit, the desire of others and the ability of God to work any situation for His glory.

So those are my thoughts...anyone else want to chime in?

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