Thursday, June 07, 2007

Got Bento?

I do I do!

In the past 3 days we've gotten 3 bento boxes. Two from ebay and one locally (I love having a city with a chinatown!). After pricing around, I can honestly say that the best deals on Bento sets (including accessories) are at Bento Yum (especially since the day after I ordered one of my boxes they started carrying whole sets of the same one for about 5$ more...grrr).

So, I have a Hello Kitty box with chopsticks and divider that I bought here, a blue sakura dot box with divider from Ebay and a black box with red lid for Ben bought on Ebay (it's bigger than any of the other boxes I've seen). I also bought a utensil set for Ben.

And here's what I can do with them:

Lid part: sunflower seeds and some smarties
bottom tier: half a baked potato, leftover hamburger helper and a boiled egg with baby spinach dividers
right tier: cottage cheese with raspberries, baby spinach and baby carrots. In the bottle is the dressing for the salad. There also should have been other stuff for the salad but I hadn't realized we were out of veggies and cheese. Ben said it was ok.

I also packed basically the same thing for me, just smaller portions. I'm not going anywhere today, but I have a bad habit of forgetting to eat when Ben isn't home, so this way when I remember it's all ready for me.


Elizabeth said...

I love bento sets. Yours are very cute.

The Lactivist said...

Excellent! Glad to see you joining the maddness. ;)

To note, I think Abigail is going to start putting together "accessory kits" as well... I'm thinking a set that has sauce containers, some dividers, onigiri molds, egg molds, shape cutters, etc...

So keep an eye out. :)

Steph said...

ohhh, good to know, I'll keep an eye out for those, thanks!

Lindy said...

It looks like such a good idea! I wish I had the time for it. Miss ya Steph