Tuesday, June 05, 2007

7 months

ok, a couple days late again...oops?

My baby girl is now 7 months old. In the last month we have changed 1 poopy diaper. Speaking of diapers, she's finally out of the size small ones that we were given and into the mediums. We take her for her shots tomorrow, so I'll find out how big she is then, but I'm thinking it's right around 15lbs right now.

She's starting talking, more specifically, saying dada. Over and over again. All the time. Dadadadada dada dadadada dadada. It's much better than the grunting that she had been doing for a while.

Still no tooth, we're waiting.

She's super curious and aware of things going on around her, so many people have pointed this out to us.

Her hair is growing in (finally!).

She can shake her head no.

Going to sleep at night she rubs her belly and it looks like she's doing some little dance, super adorable!

She's eaten: carrots, avacado, peaches, mango, pears, watermellon, honeydew, tomato, mustard, apple sauce, and sweet patato, but no more than about a tbs at a time of anything. She likes tasting but isn't sold on the whole eating thing yet.

She's perfect, I love her, and I can't even remember what life was like before her.


The AJ Thomas said...

"In the last month we have changed 1 poopy diaper" Is you child sick or are you the worlds earliest potty trainer? I'm sorry or great job - whichever is appropriate.

Steph said...

she's not potty trained, she just likes sitting on her potty and hates pooping in her diaper, it's a wonderful combination