Sunday, June 10, 2007

Growth Spurts

Hana's getting big.

Of course, big is relative. And being that she's my daughter, I don't expect her to ever be really all that big. Hopefully, unlike me, she'll actually pass the 5 ft mark.

When we took her to get checked this past Wednesday I was surprised that she's 16.5 lbs (at 7 months...). I still get a little teary when I realize her pants are getting a little short. Then I look at the tag and realize they're 6 month pants and I'm lucky to have gotten as much wear out of them as I have (altho some of her 3 month tops still fit).

Well, tonight she woke up wet and needed her jammies changed. Ben, being the wonderful husband and father that he is, grabbed some clean jammies out of the laundry basket and went to change her.

He brought her back out looking like this:

Apparently there is a limit to how much baby you can stuff into a sleeper. It was just washed, which means she has worn it in the past week.

So tomorrow I'm going to go through her clothes and start packing more stuff away. My little baby is growing up...sniff

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Dena said...

Ha ha, very cute. We have the same thing with Micaiah. One week something fits perfectly, the next it is way too small. It's sad and fun all at the same time.

Hana is looking more like you every day, I can't believe it!