Monday, June 18, 2007

25 important things I've learned

In the order they came into my head:

1. No one does everything perfectly the first time.
2. An apology goes a long way to making things better.
3. Most of the time there are just as many things to be happy about as there are to make you sad, the choice is yours
4. Smiling at strangers makes for interesting reactions.
5. Looking someone in the eye when you talk to them makes them feel you care.
6. Parents are an amazing source of experience.
7. The older you get the more you have to offer the world.
8. We have a responsibility to take care of people who can't care for themselves.
9. We have a responsibility to care for the earth.
10. Sitting in a comfortable chair makes any conversation easier.
11. Sometimes a cookie makes things better.
12. A five minute break can make you more productive than the tightest schedule.
13. Some things are much more important than how others think about you.
14. You are not responsible for the emotions of others, so long as you act respectfully towards them.
15. Babies smell wonderful.
16. Age and wisdom aren't always opposites.
17. A lot can be learned from children.
18. A week really can make a difference in a life.
19. Someone out there really needs you to be part of their life.
20. God is there to be found if you really look.
21. No one knows everything.
22. Reading can be good for the soul.
23. Nature is good for the soul.
24. Laughter is vital to a relationship.
25. "The greatest of these is love"

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K-dog said...

Good list. I like your new layout too...