Sunday, June 24, 2007

My life in pictures

Ben had Friday off so we've been having fun. It's been a good weekend, here's some things we've caught on camera:

Ben got his new Onbu and I got to show him how it works (this is the flowery side, it also has a more "manly" side, but real men don't care about stuff like that)

We decided to go to the zoo, so Ben got Hana strapped on and off we went.

I had Hana in the rebozo so she could see better. (yes...we took two carriers for a trip to the zoo...what's your point...)

We saw elephants.

And then tonight just for fun I decided to play with henna I had frozen when I did my hair...which I need to do again sometime soon. (BTW...that design is on my left hand...and I'm left handed....I did it with my right hand...go me...)

The end.

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Nate and Jess said...

YAY!!! pictures of some of my favorite people!! Not only that but updates!

I love facebook, but its not as easy to get updates or posts. I find people use it more just for messaging back and forth, and I miss the longer updates from people

....all that to say, thanks for updating!!