Friday, September 28, 2007

Life is Good

This has been a wonderful week:

- We found a WONDERFUL church

- Liz came to visit and trusted me to help her pick her hair cut, and she looks hot.

- Hana's x-rays were clear, there's no infection

- I spent all of yesterday with other mom-friends

- I got to talk to Jess Tot Weaver

- I went out last night with other moms and no babies (4th time going out without Hana for more than an hour)

- Hana has slept from 9ish to 6ish the last 3 nights!!!

Life is so good right now!


Richards' said...

Oh I am so glad things are good with Hana! I have been quite worried about her! Glad things are on the up-and-up!

Weavers said...

lol, I was about to leave a reply that my last name died with my marraige...but... then i realized that I still havent changed over a bunch of important documents over to my married name... so I guess I will have to accept the Jess Tot Weaver commennt... lol

Love you bunches friend. Im glad we talked and look forward to the next time!


glo said...

Steph i need to talk to you about something, but i have no idea what your email is anymore. all the ones i have are under ward still.

so if you could email me so i can email you please.