Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My baby is sick

She's had a cough for well over a month. At first it was because she had a cold. Then she had a lingering runny nose. Then I couldn't figure out what it was and called the Dr.

I'm a severe asthmatic. I've been hospitalized a lot because of attacks and infections, especially when I was small. I was diagnosed when I was not much older than Hana, and at her age was in the hospital more than I was out of it. I know how serious just a cough can become.

The Dr. prescribed her an inhaler, got chest x-rays and asked if there was a family history of asthma. Be praying that she gets over this cough and that her lungs are whole and healthy.

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Weavers said...

I will be praying that with you, I know what it's like... I was not as sever as you, but I know the frustration of Athsma and the fear that can come with it. I will be praying for you and Hana and Ben to get through this well.

Steph, I need to call you...would you email me you phone number? jessweaver.06@gmail.com or just put it somewhere on my facebook if your comfortable with that. Nothing big, no bad news, just a question I dont want to post to all eyes :) talk to you soon