Monday, September 03, 2007

10 months

My baby is 10 months old. I now have a baby who can figure out a way to get almost anywhere she needs to go, even if she's not quite crawling. She can also stand while holding on to things, and pull up to her feet when holding our hands. Her first word is kitty (well, acutally it's more kihteee, but we get the point). She's also started eating well, almost two jars of baby food a day plus whatever I can give her from supper. She's learned the art of making faces for laughs and is a great source of joy and laughter for anyone around her.

As Hana grows I become more aware and in awe of the love of God. I am forming dreams for her, but I know that my desires will only play a small part in the person she becomes. I know I am her caretaker, and that at some point I will have to let her find her own path, and now that she's moving around that thought is at times frightening. I'm amazed that God would trust me to such a task, it is my highest priority.


Richards' said...

Ah, the 10 months mark! What a great time that was! I bet you are having a blast with little Hana! I miss the age when they don't get into EVERYTHING!

Dena said...

They are amazing, aren't they? It is unbelievable that God entrusts us with His children. I remember when Micaiah was brand new and I was getting up in the night with him that I would sometimes just cry (bawl) at the thought of what a miracle God had trusted me with. I would often tell Micaiah, "I'm so blessed to get to be your mommy". Enjoy every minute, Steph!