Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday, week 3

I realize that this time of year I should be finishing up Christmas knitting, but i have a confession to make - I'm not really doing Christmas knitting this year. I do have that one thing that is slightly less than half done, but that's it.

Instead, this is what I've been working on:

Barter Mitts:
A friend of mine is going to help me decorate for Christmas, and in exchange I'm making her some cozy mitts and a scarf. Just need the thumb on the second mitt.

Perspective Socks also got cast on this week:

Green with coloured stripes or coloured with green stripes? This is going to be a slow going project - managing 4 balls of yarn isn't as fun as I had hoped (can't stand tangles!)

I'm also still working away on Ben's sweater, but it looks pretty much the same as last week (even tho I've added about 5" to it).


Haloween Handspun:
I know, a little late getting to this bag of orange and black fluff, but at least it's getting done now, right? This is going to be some super fluffy/underspun two ply. I've got the first bobbin finished, maybe I'll get the second one done this week.

Recently Finished:

I actually got a couple things done between last week and this week!

The Tardis Socks just need to be blocked and sent off to Jen. My friend Krista did the last detail for me (embroydering Police Box on them) and I am eternally greatful.

I made some cowls for the kids too

It's cold here, and scarfs are a pain. They both love these and they took practically no time to knit. Hana was thrilled, she loves mine and wanted her own, except pink (of coruse).

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