Monday, September 29, 2008

Eli -Two months

I honestly don't know where the time has gone. IT seems like just last week I was in the never-ending labour and it was summer. Now it's fall and he's already two months old!

He's doing really great. Like Hana, he's a slow gainer, about 10lbs right now. He's lean like Ben is, but still has rolls on his thighs and a cute double chin. When he's awake his eyes are so bright! He coos and kicks and flails his arms. He loves smiling and sticking his toungue out, and when I talk to him I can tell he's trying really hard to say something back. I can't wait for the stories he's going to tell!

He sleeps great - going 5 or 6 hours at night! We're working on nursing without the shield and so far it's not going too bad, so long as he isn't tired. WIthin a couple of weeks we should be fine without it I'm sure.

He seems so laid back, so curious. He's very content, so long as I'm in the room at least. He hates the car, but will sleep in his swing. He loves Hana and smiles and coos at her when she tries to make him laugh. I can't wait to get to know him better as more and more of his personality comes through.


Dena said...

Good to hear he is doing well. Yes, it does seem like yesterday you were in labour. And congrats to you for still nursing!!! I know how badly you wanted to and I am thrilled that you are still able to! Wow, 10 lbs, that is little. An easier load for the arms/sling.

Steph said...

He's actually two lbs bigger than Hana was at this point! She was only 8lbs 2 oz at 8 wks, which was Eli's birth weight. Now at almost 2 she's 24lbs. She wasn't 12 lbs until she was 4 months old!