Thursday, September 11, 2008

Budget Builders

I joined a gym. I'm super excited ab out this - it should improve not only my physical health, but mental as well, plus improve my family dynamic. It gets a little rough being home all the time, just me and the kids. Ben works long days and likes having time to himself, so this works for him too.

Thing is, it's a luxery, and money isn't something we have just laying around. We're getting by, and building a bit of savings too, but there's not a whole lot leftover.

So I need to find 55 extra dollars a month in our budget. I figure not eating out once a week (because I'm too stressed out/tired to cook) will cover most of that, but any extras I could find would be great too.

And so I'm asking for ideas - what are ways you save money or cut back expenses? We don't have cable, but internet is a must (I need to connect to the outside world somehow!). We try to avoid processed food, but I do pay a bit more for some organic items.

Give me more ideas people!


Kristi said...

works e-v-e-r-y time.

The husband gets scared leaving to go to work. He comes home and I've made some extra cash. It's a yard sale year around.

Dena said...

One way I have found is cutting back on meat consumption. Even replacing it with other protein is normally much less expensive. A bag of dried kidney beans is far less expensive than a few chicken breasts. If you try that route you can find a lot of really healthy, low-cost, meal ideas online.

Of course, be conservative with lights/power usage at home and with car trips. And Sally Ann/Frenchys everything you can!

Matt "the Bat" said...

I hear selling organs on the black market is good money, and most people have plenty of duplicates. Or ben could create an iphone app people pay alot money for that