Friday, May 04, 2007

Pictures, as promised

For those of you who are afraid you'd be overwhelmed with Hana's cuteness and haven't already checked her pictures, here are some of my current favorites


Dena said...

She is definately a cutie! Tell me, how is the pierced ears things going? I didn't realize she had them until now. When did you pierce them? The reason I'm asking is that Latins always pierce their little girls' ears. If a baby does not have pierced ears everyone assumes it's a boy (even when dressed in pink ruffles). We are trying to decide if we should pierce our little one's if she is a girl. But I am afraid they will bother her while they heal or that it will be too hard to keep them clean on a newborn. So how did all this work for you?

Congrats on wrapping her on your back, I'm sure that's hard. And potty training at six months, wow share your secrets!

Steph said...

We got her ears done at 8 weeks, and it was no problem at all. She was honestly more bothered by them marking her ears before piercing them than by the actual piercing. They did both at the same time, and she did cry, but much less than she did when she got her shots. She's never bothered them at all, they were never red or anything, from the first day I could turn them and it wouldn't even wake her up. I think if you're going to get a girls ears pierced before she's like 8 (and can take care of them herself) then getting them done as an infant is a good idea because they can't/don't play with them.

as for the potty, we're not really "training", just sitting her on it when she wakes up and seeing what happens. We figure it can't hurt, right?