Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm a hipipe

According to my mother, I've turned into a hipie...and aside from the pot smoking and acid dropping, I can't really argue with her.

I've started living life much more simply. I don't use commercial cleaners. I shop organic whenever I can. I cloth diaper my baby and carry her around in a long piece of cloth.

There are other things my growing interest in homeopathy. If it were possible I'd have a water birth with my next child - at home. I have a complete disgust at the amount of chemicals and alterations that come with food. I have a growing frustration with government, especially when it comes to the war of terror. I distrust media and know I'm never getting the whole story. If given the opportunity to protest something I have issues with I'd happily participate.

I'm also realizing that a lot of the extras we live with and consider vital aren't really necisary at all. I'm mostly noticing this with baby items (we have a lot of stuff we don't use/need), but it goes with general stuff as well - altho no one can make me give up my computer!

I guess I'm just learning how to make life more simple and appreciate things more. I listen to music and read more. I spend more time walking and with Hana and Ben. We do things as a family. We're trying t keep things more natural because it cuts down on stress and makes things better for everyone.

So I like being a hippie...and I don't think anyone who really knows me is all that surprised.


Elizabeth said...

I'm not and I love it.

Dena said...

I'm with you on many things. I tried to be more organic before Micaiah was born, but it kicked into high gear after. Until we moved here (where most organic foods are not possible), I exclusively fed him homemade organic food, no baby food jars. I had the water birth, and am planning another one. I boycotted microwaves a long time ago, so we never bought one when me moved here (I don't mis it a bit!). And I have quite a phobia of nitrates and MSG. I don't know that my family has labled me hippie, but they think I'm overly concerned about "normal" things like preservatives and mediactions.

Steph said...

I'm jelous you had a water birth Dena! Because I had a c-section my chances of having one are pretty slim...and if I do it will still be in a hospital. I admire the lack of microwave, that might be something I will start doing too, thanks for the idea!