Saturday, September 30, 2006

May cause drowsyness

Have you ever noticed that on comercials for sleep aids they list drowsyness as a possible side effect?
I find it really funny, but it sort of got me thinking.

People do things that have certain natural outcomes or consequences, and then get suprised (and sometimes upset) when those things actually happen.

Say for instance, someone goes out and drinks too much, they get drunk, and then the following day they're suprised by their hangover or possibly the things they did while drunk.

But it's not always negative that suprises people. Positive outcomes can be just as suprising and sometimes puzzling.

Are we really that dumb? Or maybe it's numbness, not dumbness that causes the problem. Maybe we're so consumed by disappointment and apathy that we can't really see what's coming, or we don't really expect it to actually happen.

What do you think?

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