Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Interesting Appointment

We had a dr. appointment today. After waiting a LONG time (perhaps I need to be more patient...) we finally saw the Dr. She's not sure if Hana is still breech or not, and neither am I, so I get to go for another ultrasound on the 13th to check her position. I havn't gotten any kicks in my ribs yet, but I havn't had as many low kicks today either, that's why I'm not sure if she flipped or not. Last night I promised her a pony if she flipped (one of the "my little pony" ones of course) so maybe that worked.

The Dr. also made some interesting comments. She asked what size shoe I wear (4-5) and put her hand up to mine to measure it (my hands are the size of an average 8-10 y/o). I asked her if she thought my baby was going to be big, and she said "well, big for you, if you were 5'8" I wouldn't say she was big." She was also surprised that all the women in my family were about my size and gave birth vaginally.

So things could get interesting. I also told her that babies in my family usually come early (my brother and I were both about 2 weeks early), so we'll see what happens. The ultrasound will give us a better idea of her size and we'll go from there.


Denise said...

That is interesting. The 2 of us are pretty small huh! I wonder if our baby will be big for my size too! I hope by the time you have the ultrasound Hana will have opted for the pony! ;) Good luck!

Kelly Macan said...

Stephykins!!!! I miss you SOOOOOO much!! I have been trying for months to find you! Girl, you need a myspace!! Congrats on the married thing, and congrats on the baby! You are so beautiful!! I love you soooooo much...write to me!!! I didn't sign up for one of these bloggy thing accounts, I only have Myspace: or e-mail me @ Girl, we need to catch up!!!

Mommy Rader said...

Thanks for the update on baby girl Perry!!!! I can't wait to meet her via blogdom!!!!!!! Hopefull baby will turn for you soon if not already, and I might know of a few really good positions (supposedly)when labor starts to turn a breech baby if she hasn't turned by then and for some reason they allow you to try to labor for a little bit. I will be praying that you don't have to have a c-section as well and that baby fits just nicely through your pelvis:) So excited for the's coming right up!