Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Spur me

I have a pet peeve. Ok, I have more than one, but I promise to keep this on topic, at least for the most part.

I hate fluffyness. The fluffy God that doesn't care what you do, the fluffy religion that has no requirements, the fluffy Christians that let you get away with anything. (note: legalism is also a pet peeve of mine, keep reading, I make a point)

Know what, in the Bible, Jesus asked people to change, and those who followed Him were told to keep one another accountable. Yes, God loves everyone, no matter what they do. But to take that love and not respond to it in action is....well, just not right.

I have a habit of speaking my mind. Over the years, I've learned that there is more than one way to clearly state what I mean, and so I can usually still get my point across without causing any harm or regrets. However, when it comes to "spurring" on another Christian (have you seen spurs?) I usually end up feeling like I should feel guilty, or checking myself to see if I'm being legalistic or "holier than thou".

Really tho, honestly and truly (and if you can prove me wrong on this, please do), I believe that if there is a Christian I see doing something that is obviously wrong and it's clear they know it (let's say, lying, stealing, sleeping around), then I will probably speak to them about it. Not scold them, not tell them off, but defiantly rebuke them. Why do I feel I have a right to do this? Because they have the right to do the same to me.

We may not like it when someone else tells us what we already know. We may want to justify ourselves or say it's none of their business, but really, honestly, we need to get over it. If we are sinning we need to stop, and the sooner we do that, the better.

I think this is something that needs to change within Christianity. I'm sure every hypocrite that has been exposed by the world could have (should have) been brought aside by a Christian brother or sister and rebuked, helped and encouraged before the problem got out of hand and our God was made to look bad (because really, that's the end result)

So if I am doing something I shouldn't be, please, tell me about it. I'm not saying I'll like it, or even that I'll respond positively (at least immediately), but I will appreciate it. And I'll do the same for you? Deal?


Julie said...

I am totally with you on this subject. Since I have been on my internship I have noticed things that should not be going on in the church between other members (ie. gossip, back biting, etc) and I sometimes think that if someone would go up along side of them would they stop. I know the answer is no because people have tired and it still has not worked. (Pet peeve of mine: people stuck in their old ways) But I know that if God were to say to me to go up to a certain person and say this I would but that has yet to happen.
But I am in agreement with you and I think that we should spur each other on not just in the bad things but also for the good things! Encouragement is a wonderful tool we should use more than just at BBC. What I think is if you talk to this ppl out of love about the sin they are committing and then notice a change that we should encourage them some how. Hope this made sense since I can't make sense lately! Hope you have a good week!

matthew said...

I agree with both of you. I think I need to be more vocal about sin when I see it.