Thursday, April 07, 2005

Nearing the End

A lot of things in my life are almost done. I'm almost graduated. I'm almost married. I'm almost ready to move. But not yet. Not quite. It's almost as though I'm standing at the top of a cliff, ready to jump, excited, anxious, wanting to just see it all happen.

but i'm not there yet

I need to remember that, remember where I am, remember that I need to be here, that I can grow here and learn here and help people here.

It's hard to be where I am when I'm so close to something else, something that I've been waiting for so long.

But I am here, I am in school, I am engaged, and I am in New Brunswick. In a few months I'll be mising all of this (well, maybe not the engaged part), and so I will try to get the most out of it I can


elizabeth said...

i understand what your saying about the cliff....cause its where i am at too! (minus the engaged thing.) but maybe not a cliff. i hear that jumping off cliffs can be detrimental to your health. it could be like an airplane and you have a parachute on your back. skydiving would be fun.

love you and look forward to seeing you at graduation!

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Also, I understand about what you are talking about but I do not see it as a cliff. I guess it is not a cliff in my life it is more of transitions. I am almost done with my internship and course work (so there I understand about being almost ready for graduation), I understand about being almost married but trust me once you are married you will not miss the engaged life.
For me it is the whole excitment, anixity, and whatever else I am feeling that I can't put into words that make me nervous for the arrival of my son or daughter in four weeks (which was a month from April 6th). So yea, I am right there with you and totally understand how you are feeling. But don't worry it will be over soon but enjoy it, exspecially your wedding. It goes by so fast that you won't know what happened. So charish everything. And I hope you have a great day on your gradation day. You all will be in my prayers as I am not going to be able to make it. But thats okay! I enjoying reading your blog so keep up the good work! Miss Ya!

Steph said...

When I say jumping off a cliff, I'm thinking more in terms of base jumping- with a parachute attached, no detriment to health there....most of the time...

i think i see it as a cliff because a cliff is a solid thing. Right now I am somewhere solid, i know where I am and what i'm doing

glo said...

think that the worst place to be is waiting one the edge of some big event. wether that event be good or bad, the waiting room is the worst place to be. also called the land of inbetween. either way it can be a frustrating place.