Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Driving with God

I was in a car last night with a friend, driving back to school from home. We were chatting, there was music on, just us and the road.

then God showed up.

I don't know how i t happened. We weren't specifically talking about anything spiritual, just sharing stories, feelings, experiences, life. But there was no denying the presence of God in that car on that road. I felt comforted, at peace, uplifted, changed and blessed.

I thought about it afterword for a while, and realized that it shouldn't have suprised me. God has promised to be with us. When we talk about becomming a Christian, we talk about "asking Jesus into our heart". So why are we so suprised that God keeps His word, why are we so amazed that he acutally shows up?

Actually, I think amazed is the right way to be. How can we not be amazed that God Almighty, creator and sustainer of the universe dwells with us and is in our lives. However, we should't be suprised when it happens, only humbled and aware of the great blessing and love of God

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Dancin' said...

It's interesting that this post is about how we shouldn't be surprised when God "shows up" and the last post was about the place emotions play in our understanding of our passion.
It seems one of the reasons people question their passion or their walk with God is because things become so routine or so "run of the mill". In other words, we get so used to God being faithful that we question if he is or if we are. Perhaps stability or calmness should be an affirmation that our walk is right, rather than wrong.
Something to ponder, maybe.