Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly WIP: Pathetic Edition

I know, I know, it's been a while. 

Thing is, I wasn't really getting much done, so the Weekly WIP was going to get a bit monotonous. I did start and frog the same scarf 4 times, but I doubt that process would have been very much fun to watch. 

However, my efforts weren't completly void of accomplishments. I prestent to you, one really full bobbin of yarn:

That's the Orange Pulworth that I started last month, all plied. It's now skeined and washed and just waiting for whatever it is going to become. It's super fluffy, slightly underspun and wicked soft. I'm very happy with this yarn.

I am making progress on that thing my mom can't see (how's that for subtle?) and still have high hopes that it will be finished for Christmas. Thankfully Christmas day will involve a good chunk of car time that's just perfect for knitting. 

Everything else is on hold right now while I finish up, but I have stuff planned for the new year. The space that my church is meeting in right now is most often used as a dance studio, so we have to be careful with the floors. With winter and snow and slush etc, often outdoor shoes need to be removed. I hope to make a few pairs of slippers (and others are going to contribute too) so we'll have some if people would like to use them. I also have a special project planned for my dad (who is on my knitting blacklist right now because I knit him socks two years ago and they have yet to touch his feet) and I have some gorgeous silver lacewight sitting around that would look just lovely with some beads. 

In other words, despite my lact of progress lately, stay tuned because good stuff is coming. 

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