Friday, October 17, 2008

Let Down

That last post was a hard thing for me. As open as I try to be, it's always easier to be open about tough times when they're over, not when I'm in the midst of them. I was hoping for some encouragement, some support, something to show I'm not alone in the world.

No, this isn't one of those pity party blog posts saying how horrible it is that I don't get comments. I did briefly consider abandoning this blog, but who am I kidding, I need the outlet (I just can't shut up, in case the length of my posts didn't make you aware of that). It's just the mumblings running around my head after realizing that I can't look at my blog as a means of socialization or to validate my existence - if I did I'd be left in a sadder state of mind than I am on my own.

Instead, this introducing the new phase of my blog. Yes, it's taking another turn (and hopefully not for the worst) - I'm going to treat it more as a journal. Yeah, that means a lot more family stuff probably. I'm aware this may affect my readership (the faithful 20 or so of you, and that random Irish visitor, I appreciate you all, hence the explanation), but as my readership doesn't bring any interaction, I'm not sure I'll notice the change.

Of course, comments and interaction are still welcome, and strongly encouraged.


Glo said...

Hun, don't feel bad when people don't comment. I really understand wanting to no if people read what you wrote and if they like it didn't because i rarely get comments on my blog. I think people come to my blog, but as far as i can see not many does. at least very often. i think if you went to my page you would see that i only have one comment on the entire page. but that doesn't matter because my blog is for me. and i hope you don't let this get lack of audience participation get you down.

Tammy Craig said...

Just because no one comments on every post, especially the harder ones, doesn't mean people don't read, Steph. I've come to realize that on my blog, and I agree totally with Gloria's post as well. Be encouraged. There are people reading and praying. Sometimes we just don't know what to put or how to put it in words. Rest assured that there are people here, you're not alone, and we are praying for you. Blessings.
-Tammy <><

Dena said...

Oh, Steph, sorry you didn't get the encouragement you were hoping for. We have been so crazy in the midst of our moves that I get to check blogs once or twice a week, not daily like I used to. I appreciate you being open, and I know it's hard. I completely understand how you feel -- we've been there before. I'll be praying Ben gets adjusted to his meds soon and is able to be back full swing into the family.