Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get it done

I realize that as a born-and-raised resident of New Brunswick that really should say "Git'er done!", but meh.

I've been slacking in my responsibilities lately, not getting as much done around the house, or for me, or for Hana as I should have been. I'm not sure exactly what was filling my days, but it wasn't nearly enough of what should have been there. Every time Eli fell asleep Hana would wake him, she was getting more than an hour of TV a day, laundry was piling up and it was just not right.

Today, however, is going much better. We played upstairs for a bit, everyone was happy, no tantrums. Breakfast went great, then I got Eli on my back for a nap. Got a load of laundry put away and another started, tidied the living room, danced with Hana, vacuumed the rug, coloured with Hana. Then I made lunch, we both ate and the got Hana ready for her nap. Now Eli is playing beside me, my livingroom is presentable, my kitchen is passable and I'm not stressed out.

See, don't we look happy?

Now hopefully I can keep this momentum, get the kitchen and bathroom cleaned and go play outside with Hana again this afternoon. But first, a nap.


Dena said...

Yay for gittin' er done! Yes, you do look happy! Hey, I've never used a mei tai (sp?). Do you really like it? How do you rate it compared to a spoc wrap or sling? Did you used one with Hana, or just now w/Eli?

Steph said...

I'm a wrapper through and through, my German-style wrap (a didymos) is my absolute favorite, but it's Hana's so I can't use it with Eli, and we just haven't gotten him his own yet. This mei tai is one I made and really it's not the most comfortable, I should have padded the straps. It works tho. I can use it with both of them, but it's not the most comfortable carrier I have. Ben prefers mei tais to wraps, but I think we both like the chunei better than this (but it was in the car at work with Ben that day...)