Tuesday, June 03, 2008

19 months

Hana has a new obsession - Fraggle Rock

May was a tough month - we all were sick, Hana got her last four teeth and there wasn't much sleep had, especially when she was refusing her nap. So I resorted to Fraggle Rock to give us some down time and Hana adores it. Anytime she sees me at the computer she asks for "Fraggle". My parents brought down a couple boxes of my old books and there was a Fraggle book in the bunch. She's slept with it at least 3 times now, and first thing in the morning she asks for "Book Hana Bogo" (Hana's book with Gobo). It's adorable.

Now that the teeth are in the sleep situation has become much more bearable. Looks like we may be getting her to sleep through the night right before the new babe is born. At bedtime she climbs the stairs, climbs into bed, kisses Ben goodnight and says "nap". Did I mention she's precious?

She's asserting her independence a lot now. The other day at lunch time she was all excited to get into her seat, but didn't want me to lift her up. This could have caused a huge issue, but thankfully her seat is attached to one of our chairs, so I just took it off so she could get in herself. I love watching her learn what she can do on her own, realizing she doesn't ask for help nearly as much as she used to. She's growing so fast.

She's so happy, she gets so much enjoyment out of life. Everything excites her. Right now she's lining up her crayons in front of me and thinks it's the best thing in the world when I tell her what colour they are. I wish everyone could enjoy life as much as she does.


matthew said...

Fraggle Rock Rocks!

Steph said...

yes, yes it does.

and as a bonus it's exponentially less annoying than current kids shows.

Dena said...

I love Fraggle Rock!!! I wish I knew where to find it. And yes, it sure beats Dora, Doddlebops, and the like.

Steph, I love the sweet way you talk about your daughter and your love of mommy-hood. It's truly beautiful.