Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We got the results of our ultrasound yesterday - baby is perfect! We're both measuring right on target, and all is as it should be. Unfortunately, they won't tell me the sex, so baby will have to be called baby until we actually get to see the parts for real.

This child is also very active. So active that we've had to have two ultrasounds just to get a good look at everything. During the appointment yesterday it took more than 5 minutes to get a reading on the heart rate because child would not stay still for 15 seconds at a time! Ben and Hana have both felt kicks in the last few days. Ben thought it was pretty special, Hana looked confused and wondered how she could make her belly poke.

Last night I finally broke down and bought maternity clothes. Up until this point I had a few pairs of non-preggo pants that still fit, sort of. They weren't what one would call comfortable. I have a whole box of mat wear upstairs, but it's all summery, and that just doesn't work for March in New Brunswick.

Funny thing about maternity clothes, I put them on and suddenly I'm 9 months pregnant. Not a good sign as in reality I'm only 22 weeks - just over half way through. This could be fun.

Hana is doing great. She has taken consecutive steps now while being bribed with raisins by her grandmother. It was pretty great - she really didn't want to do it, but the temptation was just too much. Since then she holds our fingers so tight it cuts of circulation just to make sure we won't let go. She's just not ready yet. She does spend more time on her feet than she was, and she uses her push toy to get from the living room to the dining room instead of crawling. I have no worries at all. She can walk, as in she has the physical ability. She just doesn't want to.

She has also been spoiling us by sleeping 8-5ish in her own bed and then another two or three hours in ours about 4 nights a week. We still need to go in about half the time and help her settle back down once a night, but that's usually around the time I go to bed, so it doesn't actually get me up. Now if it weren't for baby thumper jumping on my bladder at night, it might be possible for me to get 6 hours of sleep in a row!

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Dena said...

That's the funny thing about mat clothes, eh? I once heard that with your first pregnancy you can't wait so you start wearing maternity clothes as soon as you can. With the second one you stay in your normal clothes until the last possible moment. By the third one your mat clothes are your normal clothes.

You look great! You don't look too big at all! Good to hear the baby is so active and doing so well. I'm sure Hana is fine, so many different times for development. Besides, if she can and just doesn't want to, that's okay. Once Micaiah lerned to walk he went straight to running and hasn't quit since. Now I'm in no hurry for Shaylee to walk.