Tuesday, March 04, 2008

16 months

My baby is 16 months old. Not only that, but it's been two years since I found out I was pregnant. I can't believe how quickly time flies and how many things have changed since then!

Hana is such a joy. She interacts with everything around her. She's very expressive and communicates really well for someone who has about 40 words at her disposal. She's also a very loving child - I've been getting lots of kisses and hugs lately.

She still hasn't really found a use for walking, but has decided she will humor us every now and then and use her push-toy, so long as we're willing to trade off and read to her 50 times a day. She's also started enjoying having some time to play by herself in her room in the mornings, which gives me a nice little break for an hour or so.

She has the most heartfelt laugh I have ever heard in my life. When she is laughing there is no question - all is right in the world and the moment is to be enjoyed to it's fullest. It's a beautiful thing.

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