Thursday, March 13, 2008

Living Content

Life has been a bit hectic lately.

Actually hectic isn't quite the right word, or doesn't seem to be, because my days are spent at home with Hana, no rushing around or pressure to get things done.

I've been stressed out for very stupid reasons. Reasons like not having dusted since Christmas, or not getting all the laundry put away, or deciding Hana's messy face isn't really worth a struggle.

I say these are stupid reasons, because none of them really matter or are worth my stress. No, my home isn't spotless, the dishes aren't all done, and a lot of the laundry still isn't put away (but it is folded, an accomplishment in itself!), and sometimes my daughter's face has traces of breakfast on it for most of the day. THose are things that so often make women feel less - less of a wife, less of a mother, less of a woman.

Why is this. Why is our worth tied up so much in our actions, in appearances? Do we honestly think it would be better to sacrifice time with our husbands and children, the very people that make us wives and mothers, for the sake of a few dishes or dust bunnies?

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think living in a mess is a good idea either. It is important to provide a safe and orderly home for the sanity of all those who live there. But I think we get carried away sometimes, especially since really there is no one judging us on how well we do in these areas.

I've started changing my attitude, finding my sense of worth in the PEOPLE in my life, instead of the THINGS in my life. To find joy in the moments instead of feeling useless guilt, stress and anxiety over things that don't really matter. Surprisingly, when I stop stressing about these things, I'm able to find the time and energy to get them done anyway!


Dena said...

Amen, sister! Down with stress!

Mommy Rader said...

Good word, Steph. Good word.

Charity said...

I am working on this too... but the holster with the bottle of windex and paper towels and swiffer duster can be all consuming sometimes :S I feel like a cowboy who is about to have a showdown.. but in the end... *i don't have kids yet :(* the mess seems trivel when it comes to getting some cuddles from my kitten at the end of the day even though my shelves are dusty and feeling better becuase I took a nap instead of cleaned... You just have to put things into perspective... Dirt and dust doesn't define who you are on the inside as hard as I have a difficult time saying that :P Keep up your good work Steph and I hope your pregency is going well:)