Tuesday, January 08, 2008


How is it that life seems so busy, while at the same time I feel like I get nothing done?

The pregnancy is going well, I'm assuming. My chronic tiredness is starting to lift, but I'm still feeling pretty sick most of the time. I'm 12 weeks in and have my first OB appointment next Monday. Honestly I'm getting nervous. I know many woman have gone through healthy pregnancies without ultrasounds or hearing the baby's heartbeat. Still, I'm nervous. Such a precious little life and no way to know how it's doing. I know most likely everything is fine, but Ben's taking Monday off work to come with me to my appointment, just in case.

Hana's doing well. Well, right now she's screaming because I won't let her play with the keyboard, but other than right this moment she's a happy, energetic, curious toddler.

Alright, now that she's happy and calm again...

Otherwise in life, things are good. Ben's looking for a new job - something more stable. He's working great hours right now, but once the contract with this company is done, who knows what he could be doing. That's the problem with placement agencies. We're hoping the job search doesn't take long.

Things with the house are good. We still need to paint and such, but are waiting until Spring. I can't wait to be able to have our patio doors open all day and have the fresh air come in!


Mommy Rader said...

So happy that baby #2 is on the way!! I'll be praying that he/she is healthy :) It's hard sometimes when we don't have the physical proof of our pregnancies early on (other than the tiredness and sickness I guess). Still, those are very reassuring in themselves- at least they were for me. I remember when pregnant with Gabe I would freak out if my early pregnancy symptoms would dissapear for an evening, only to find them back again (along with my joy) in full force the next morning. Crazy.

Weavers said...

yeah, that is crazy... who knew we would actually WANT to be sick!! :) (and by "we" I mean all those preggo moms!!...not me)
one question...can you paint while your preggo? for some reason I thought it was really bad for pregnancy...hmmm probably my lack of knowledge on the subject.

you are loved dear friend.
I tried to call you today, but it didnt work out.
I will be talking to you soon