Friday, January 04, 2008

14 months

My baby is 14 months old.

She loves to sing, dance, chase the cat, read books, snuggle and play with her blocks. She's learning how to communicate. Right now she knows 5 signs and 7 words. When you ask her to say dog, she says "woof woof".

She's almost walking. She stands for a few seconds at a time before she sits down (sits, not falls) and she is learning to climb up and down stairs. She's going to be in a toddler bed in the very near future.

While we were home over Christmas I found my old baby doll. It still smells like baby powder like it did in all of my memories. When Hana saw it, she said "maymay!" and that's been it's name since. Every time she sees it she reaches for maymay and gives her a hug. It's more precious than I can express.

She doesn't look so much like a baby anymore, but there are still times when all she wants is her soother and to snuggle up in mama or daddy's arms. She's growing so fast, those moments are a precious reminder that she is still my baby.

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