Tuesday, January 15, 2008

OB appointment

Aside from being horrendously long (2.5 hours!) things went great! Baby's heart rate was 155-160, I'm measuring right where I should be, and everything looks great. I also got my blood work done and got a ton of info to look over for the next month until my next appointment.

The best thing is that a repeat c-section wasn't even mentioned! They just need to get my surgery notes from Calgary to make sure the closure was done properly (it was) and it should be no problem for me to deliver vaginally. This is a HUGE answer to prayer - I do not want to go through surgery again, I want to labour and birth my baby. I also didn't want to have to fight in order to get what I wanted.


Mommy Rader said...

That is AMAZING news, Steph!! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations again on another miracle :)

Dena said...

That is very exciting! It is ashame that so often we have to fight for what we want in health care. I hope all continues smoothly in the preg and toward planning a vbac.