Friday, October 12, 2007

Hair Days

So I'm trying to grow my hair out long. Like, sit on it long. For fun (because growing your hair is so much fun...that whole half inch a month, good times).

So I joined the Long Hair Community. It's great, lots of good advice, beautiful inspiration, all round good web community.

Someone decided to post a 30 day challenge, to wear your hair up for 30 days. In a row. I rarely wear my hair up 30 minutes in a row, so this should be interesting. I'm trying to learn new ways to put it up, so if I come up with anything interesting I'll let you know. So far I've managed a french braid. Exciting huh?


Weavers said...

That is... actually very exciting to me!~! Im excited that there is a Long Hair society....I have been wanting to grow my hair out long for quite some time... as Im sure you know. Oh the debates... grow it, cut it, grow it, cut it ...and so on and so forth.

So a possibility of accountability might actually be very good!! Where is this group and how does one join? and definitely, keep me updated on good up doo's (not sure if my hair is long enough to do all of them, but I would like to try;) )

steph w said...

I have also been growing my hair long. It's about 2/3 -3/4 of the way down my back (the long parts anyway.. i've got some layers in there)I'm quite enjoying the length, and let me know of any fun (but relatively easy to do) up-do's because my hair needs to be back at work, and i'm getting tired of ponytails.