Wednesday, October 31, 2007


64000$ mortgage : check
14000$ down payment : check (thanks to wonderful people who love us!!!!)
Insurance : working on it
Carpet Cleaners : need to make a call
Turning on power : check
Calling a Lawyer : currently on hold
Rejoicing in all that God has made possible this week: will never end.

Seriously, this has been a roller coaster! So many phone calls, prayers and words of thanks as things have all fallen into place since the first time I saw the house last Friday.

If you're curious, go to
We've bought unit 7 and are now only needing to sign the mortgage! We'll get the keys on Saturday and the official closing date is November 9th. If anyone feels like helping us move on the 10th let me know!


Dena said...

They look great! All those trees look so pretty. And how cool that your front door is featured on the website! ha ha Congrats!

Lindy said...

Just to give some perspective- that couldn't buy an empty lot next to a crack house in DC (no I'm not exageraging). You are very blessed.

Thanks for comment on my blog BTW!

Luv ya Steph

Weavers said...

Wow steph, those really do look wonderful! I cant wait to see pictures of it when you have moved in!! I am soo happy for you!