Friday, February 16, 2007


I couldn't sleep last night. Here is some of what was in my head:

- if people don't believe in Christ then they are already lost, so why do we care about what they do beyond that, none of that matters for their eternity.

- if doing the right didn't hurt sometimes, if it were always easy, then I think it would be harder to tell that we're doing the right thing.

- a loss of friendship hurts

- love is much to easy of a word to throw around. If we restricted ourselves to only using it when it was true (patient, kind, humble, keeping no record of rongs, not self-seeking etc.) a lot of people would be spared a lot of hurt, and I think we would tryly love more instead of half loving some.

- next april I want to try for another baby (yeah, and I said my first one wouldn't be until Ben and I had been married two years....)

- God still loves me even when my house is a mess and I havn't showered for 2 days

- this is not where I thought my life would be at this point, but i wouldn't have it any other way


Mommy Rader said...

You mean next april as in a month and a half away, or the real next april....a year and a month and a half away???? :D

Steph said...

HA! a year and a month away! Unlike all you other wonderful (and crazy) people I would rather not have 2 kids under thank you!

elizabeth said...

But Steph, you're already crazy. wonderful but crazy, join the month (not really serious)

I agree with random point one, two, three, three, four, six, and seven.