Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pure Insanity

The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog: Overzealous Big Pork Stomps on Breastfeeding Blogger

This is insane. For those of you who don't click the link, bascially a work-at-home-mom promotes breastfeeding and sells a few slogan tshirts, one of which says "the other white milk", an obvious parody of the "Pork - the other white meat" slogans. Well, apparently it's too close of a parody and the National Pork Board (who knew that even existed!) is threatening to sue her if she doesn't remove the shirts from the internet and distroy any that havn't already been sold. Their reasoning - the slogan "tarnishes the good reputation of the National Port Board's mark" because she of her "apparent attempt to promote the use of breastmilk beyond merely for infant consumption".

So yeah, crazy!


Mommy Rader said...

First of all....give me a break. Second of all...what is the deal with those shirts?? This is my opinion, but who in their RIGHT MIND would wear a shirt with the INTENT for others to look at their chests??? I realize the shirts are all for promoting breasfeeding, but right over the....well....nursing parts? Like John Stossel I say, "Give me a break." The only "pure insanity" I see is those silly shirts! For instance, I believe one shirt said something like: "that's my child's food you're staring at...." or some other such nonesense. I know I didn't get the wording exact, but the idea is the same. Come on! No one should be looking there anyways! Interesting article, but I cannot get past the shirts with the nursing slangs. It really bothers me! Good topic though and thanks for sharing :) I'm all for nursing, but you don't have to be all overboard/crazy/broadcasting it! Yikes.

Anonymous said...

hahah they are great :) thanks for the info to the site I will be getting one for myself :)