Monday, February 04, 2008

15 months

Hana is 15 months old, and amazes me daily.

She communicates so well for someone so small, always trying to pick up new words or signs, always "talking" to the cat, or her toys, or us. She wants us to be part of her world, and wants to be part of ours, and that is such a wonderful thing.

She's almost walking. I should say she's able to walk - has taken a few steps here and there, stands unassisted, has all the skills necessary to walk, and that's good enough for her - she sees no need to walk, and that's fine. It's the same with everything else she's learned in life, there is no use trying to push her, she'll do it all in her own time.

She's always learning new things, trying to figure things out. This morning we were playing on the bed and she was on her hands and feet with her bum up in the air, head down. So I grabbed her hips and flipped her over. Our new game delayed breakfast for a while as she tried to do it herself and then would look at me for help.

She can climb stairs, get off the bed and the couch, can almost use a spoon on her own and knows almost 20 words and 10 signs. She loves books and music and being with people. She's always exploring, observing, trying, moving, doing. She's an amazing child, such a blessing. I'm so thankful to be her mother.


Dena said...

My favorite thing about being a mom (well...second to kisses and hugs) is watching them learn. It's incredible the things they pick up that we had no idea they understood! It's pretty amazing, isn't!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're her mother too !! And you're a wonderful mum! She's very smart and animated like her mother was! I Love You MUM