Saturday, November 03, 2007


I can't believe she's been outside of me for a year.
She's beautiful, cuddly, intelligent, creative, funny, adorable, active, curious, determined, emotional, social and every other thing I could ever have hoped she would be.

This past year has had it's rough points, but through it all she's the highlight. There have been times we've both broken down into tears, but it's never been anything a night sleeping side by side couldn't fix. She fills my heart with laughter and my eyes with tears of joy. She's made me the mother I am, and a better wife, better friend, better woman than I ever was before. She's made Ben a wonderful father, wonderful husband and the best man I have ever known.

I do have pictures, but can't find the cable for the camera, so you'll have to wait.


Elizabeth said...

I love her and you and the joy she has brought you!

How is the word count?

Elizabeth said...

Love, how is you're crazy month going?

Weavers said...

You are missed! Im thinking/praying for you this month!

glo said...

Hey Friend,

I hoep everything is going good for you

Elizabeth said...

I too hope all is well. Do you have a number I can call you at yet? I want to know how is the move and baby and words going.

Weavers said...

your blogger fans miss you!!