Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Baby

It's so good to finally be able to tell everyone!

Not that I couldn't have (or didn't....) sooner, I was just waiting FOREVER for that shirt to arrive!

I'm almost 7 weeks, I think. We're not to sure. Basically we got the house and decided we could start trying again and two weeks later I got a positive test.

I'm due around July 20th. Again, date isn't all that accurate because I can't remember the proper date to start from. But I figure most babies aren't born on their due dates anyway. That will make Hana almost 21 months old. Close, but not too close. I will be in the "two under two" club for a while tho.

We're so excited, and so blessed. It was quicker than we anticipated, and there's been so much going on lately it seems a little crazy, but I'm so much looking forward to the next nine months and what God is going to do for my family.


Cynthia said...

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glo said...

congradulations. dude i miss you

Jecca said...

congratulations!!! that's so exciting! :)

Jadon & Amberly's Mommy said...

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!

Congrats:) And just to warn you: it's HARD!!!!!!!!! :)

Steph said...

Kayla!! LOL

everyone else is telling me "oh it's not so bad..." - good to know you're willing to be honest!!

Elizabeth said...

I found going from one to two kids was a much easier transition than going from none to one, or from two to three.

It's great news! Congratulations!

Dena said...

Congrats!!! Yes, it is hard. In some ways I find it harder than it was with just Micaiah-double the work, hard to juggle two, etc. But in other ways it's easier this time with a little experience behind us.

Congrats, congrats!