Saturday, April 21, 2007

Going Home

Yesterday I booked a one-way flight to Saint John. I'm really going home.

The plan is this:

July 21 - dad and Dana get in Dad's truck and start driving out here
July 22 - mum and nanny fly here - we spend the week visiting and finishing packing
July 28 - dad and Dana pack up the vast majority of my stuff and head home
July 29 - Ben's dad arives, me, mum, nanny and Hana fly back home
July 30 - Ben and his dad leave, driving back our car and remnants of our stuff

So I'll be home on the 29th and will stay in Saint John until Ben gets here. Then we move to Moncton. It would be great if we could have a job set up for Ben and a house in the works, but if that can't happen we'll get an apartment until we're able to get a house (which better not take long, I'm sick of apartments!).

I can't wait to be home! Please pray that everything goes smoothly. The plan here is to start cleaning/packing a bit each weekend so there isn't too much left to do when everyone gets here. Also pray that Ben gets a good paying job before we move, that would be SUCH a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Well I am sure you are not the only ones excited : > ) I am sure there are a few NBer's very happy to see you come home. Probably more to see Hana but you and Ben close second : > ) We are not sure yet when we will be coming home. Right now it is not cheap to fly from KY to Maine/NB. Kaitilee is going on her first misson trip this summer. It is hard to schedule around that but I hope we get to see ya'll. God will work everything out as far as jobs and housing goes so don't worry about that. God has perfect time
: > )
Love ya'll
Aunt Carolee(Joe)

Richards' said...

Hey, Gabby and I fly up on June 6th. Tamber is picking us up at the airport and will drive us as far as St John were I will then bum a ride with Ceri to PEI. We have to get together once we are all back in the area!

Denise said...

YAY for the maritimes! So many of us back in this general area! At least it is much much better than Alberta, Texas, and Florida! Instead of the corners of north america, we are all in the corners of the maritimes! Can't wait to have you here Steph! I may have met another mom almost next door to us too! She has a 6 month old girl and a 2 or 3 year old boy! Cuties! Dont know her name yet, but I know the baby's and where they live! hehe... I SOOOO cant wait to have a friend within driving distance! Let me know what I can do to help! I will be busy only on July 27 and 28. I am in an old friends wedding in Hampton on those days! (matron of honor!) Any other day I am free to help you move into an apartment or help researh apartments etc! Make sure they are in a good part of town etc! Talk toyou soon!

glo said...

I will pray that everything goes smoothly for you guys, but that does not mean i am completely happy about you moving farther away. actually i know that it is what God has planed for you both. i am just being a little selfish.