Thursday, April 12, 2007

10 reasons why my husband is the best man in the world

In no real order....

1. He gets me ice cream almost whenever I ask
2. He provides for his family and still makes time to just sit and be with us
3. He can remember any puzzle from any Zelda game
4. He is the most caring father I've ever seen
5. He'll stay up and feed Hana after getting home from working all night just so I can get an extra half hour of sleep
6. He tells me when I'm wrong
7. He's always able to see things from another perspective
8. He's one of the most kind and gentle people I've ever met
9. He's extremely generous
10. He supports the people he loves


Denise said...

Hey Steph (only commenting on this entry, cause it is the newest!) Happy belated birthday... I was rereading another of your entries, and noticed that I had not noticed something very important... sorry I did not see it earlier! HAPPY BDAY anyways! :D

Bonsly B said...

I'm only reading this because i pressed "View next blog" from my blog... =)
Anyway Sounds like a great guy =P
Love that he loves Zelda - Not as much as me though, sorry =P