Friday, March 02, 2007

Beautiful Moment

I'm part of a playgroup here. It's wonderful, I et out of the house, spend time with other moms and et to see lots of adorable children.

Yesterday while there I saw the most beautiful thing. A mother was nursing her two dauhters at the same time. The younger was 11 months and the older was a little over 2 years. Both were curled up with her, the older in her lap, the younger beside her. The older sister was playin with the younger ones hair. I was struck by how simple and wonderful it was. A beautiful picture of the bond between mother and daughter and between sister.

And it got me thinking

And it made me a little sad.

I won't have that experience. I wonder what Hana will think when I start nursin her future siblings. Will she remember all the struggles we had? Will she wonder why they don't get bottles and she did? What will I do if she wants to try nursing too?

All questions that I can't answer now, things that just have to stay in the "wait and see" pile. So I'll leave them there and just remember what a beautiful thing that was to see.


Jadon & Amberly's Mommy said...

Hana won't remember! They actually don't start forming solid memories until around the age of two. However, in response to your question about what to do if she decides she wants to try it too, let her! And I can guarantee you, she won't want to do it again if she's that old. They love the taste as babies, and when it's something they have been familiar with their whole lives, but not when it's introduced much later. Jadon was really sick several months ago, and just couldn't seem to get over it, so I decided to try putting some expressed breastmilk in his sippy cup. He hated it. He even gagged. I even added chocolate syrup to it to try to make it more tolerable. No way. But if Hana is older and sees you nursing and waqnts to try it? I say let her! There's nothing wrong with that! In China, the average age that mothers nursing their kids until is age FIVE!! And again...Hana won't remember whether or not she had botle or breast. Jadon still insists he never nursed (and he did until he was 10 months). He also insists he never took a bottle:) Silly boy:) Don't feel guilty about making the choice you felt was best for both you AND your baby!

K-dog said...

I'm all for nursing and all, but that would just give me the heebeejeebees. It makes me feel funny things just thinking about it- and I'm a mom that nursed for a period of time.

Babies- yes; walking-talking-solid food eating toddlers- no.

But that's just me....Bahhhh.....

mia and family said...

i agree with k-dog! once they can say boobie thats it! your done. emilee got intrested again with belle being born and i let her but as soon as she get near the breast she says no mommy, to big.. she knows.

Steph said...

I used to give me the heebie geebies too, until I saw it. And seeing it, it wasn't odd or unusual, it was completely natural and wonderful. Apparently the worldwide average for weening is 3 years, and the World Health organization reccomends nursing for at least two year.

Richards' said...

My mental picture says "eww" Gabby was cut off the first time she bit me! There is no way she is getting back on there with all those teeth! When baby brother or sister comes along.... Gabby will be stuck with her sippy cup!