Thursday, December 07, 2006


I've got Hana in her wrap right now. She's been having a rough day....or I've been having a rough day rather. She's been having a needy day. She doesn't want to sleep in her crib, she's generally fussy, and she's been eating more often than usual - basically just growing and needing extra comfort, so no big deal really.

I think of how much she needs. Without someone helping her, she couldn't survive. Today she can't even sleep comfortably without help from someone else. She needs to be changed, fed, held, everything.

It's hard to picture Jesus in this position. I can imagine Mary being confused and maybe even frustrated as Jesus would cry non-stop for seemingly no reason. I wonder if she ever felt guilty for wanting just a few minutes of peace, and then realizing that the child she was so frustrated at was the one who would bring peace to the earth.


Dena said...

I often think of that when I hear Silent Night and the line that says "no crying He makes". Really? Where did we get that herasy? Boy, she really would have been "blessed among women".

Anonymous said...

I know that I am not a "real mom" but I am like a "foster mom" working with mentally challeged kids and sometimes it is so hard, because I did not start with these kids when they were born. They have had a lot of people come and go in their lives and they don't need another bad person, messing them up more.
So What I am trying to say is parenting is long hours ;) and loving like ( or trying my best too ) love like Jesus is soooo hard.