Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shameless Plugs

First off, Ben and I will be in NB from Dec. 23 to Jan 7, the first week we'll bein Saint John and the second in Woodstock - if you'll be around we'd love to see you! Leave a message here or email me and we'll work something out.

Second, Hana is being dedicated at River Valley Wesleyan Church on Sunday, Dec. 24. The service is at 10:45 am, and again, we'd love to see you if you can make it.

Third, two posts ago I gave a theory, and asked for opinions...and nothing...what's with that? I'd like some feedback, maybe hear some other theories...I know people read this...ok, maybe asking for comments isn't following blog ettewuitte, but still...


denise :) said...

1. Yup, plans already made!
2. You know we will be there if the weather is good. However, directions would be helpful, as we forget how to get to the Church.. If the weather is good we may take the Kingston Pensula way (do the ferrys run in the winter there?)
3. I let Tyler read your theory so he can talk in person with you, though I think we both think it works, and actually talked about it in our last small group! I want to print it out to show them! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your first Christmas with you princess! If I could be at the dedication I would! Merry Christmas hun and you too Ben! May you enjoy every second of it!