Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Day

This has been a wonderful day. I had a fairly good sleep for most of the night, woke up feeling awake, and there was snow on the trees. It's just beautiful out, light snow, not too cold. I feel very cozy inside, got some cleaning done and had a visit from a friend i rarely see.
I also got our new(ish) car insured, and we'll be getting it registered tonight and picking it up tomarrow.

this is a good day


Carolee said...

Steph said...Wow! I'm jelous! I wish I could have shopped in the states for baby gear, it's so much cheeper! I'm glad you got such great deals on everything!
Hi Stephanie - Did you get my email about adding me to your list and my pictues I sent you? I read this on Denise web page and laughed...all you had to do is say the word to Ben's mom and she would be in Houlton in the fastest time ever. I am getting excited for little Hana to arrive...mind you then there is Brenda. It will be sad that Hana will not have anyting to wear or play with.lolololol By the way...I am Breanda's sister from KY. I happened to see Tyler's name on the blog and said...I know that boy. Terry was Tyler's youth pastor when we were pastored at Houlton....small world eh?
Pray things are going well and give a bug hug to Ben for me.
Love and miss you guys

Anonymous said...

Yay for snow!!! I can't WAIT for the first's always the best!!!

Denise said...

Snow can wait a little longer in NB! LOL... Gotta love it, but I dont have jackets big enough for my belly! hehe... Ahh well. It sure is pretty when it does snow!
Denise :)

PS, no more belly pics until I can get my camera back from my parents.. maybe one more week hopefully! :D