Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Been a Long Time

I haven't been writing much. Not just here, either. I haven't been very active on my forums or anything. Which is odd for me, writing has always been a regular habit of mine.

I have been thinking tho. A lot. About good things, deep things, things that matter. But the problem with thinking and not writing (at least for me) is that the thoughts vanish like the wind and i'm no better of for having thought them.

I'm going to try and remedy that.

By way of update:
- Eli crawls, weighs 22 lbs and has pulled up a couple of times. He's been sick off and on since January and his Dr thinks he's asthmatic. We're off to a pedi on Monday
- Hana is potty training, weighs 26lbs, is more fun than I could imagine and has finally started sleeping through the night 3 or 4 times a week! The parents rejoyce
- Ben was laid off, got a job, was fired and is looking again. He's going back to school in the fall.
- I'm going to start doing some evening/weekend work to help fill in the gaps and make it possible for us to redo the bathroom this summer. With potentially 3 asthmatics in the house the thoughts of what's lurking behind my bathroom tile keep me up at night.
- After 4 years of living on my own I think I've finally gotten the hang of keeping house. We'll see what happens when Ben isn't home as much
- In the near future I'm buying a spinning wheel. This makes me giddy with excitement.

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Dena said...

Wow! Sounds like life has really been busy! What is Ben going back to school for, and where? Do you have a job in mind or already secured, or are you still in the planning stages? And, a spinning wheel!?! Wow!! Now all you have to do is start growing your own organic cotton and hemp so you can make your own wraps and diapers start to finish, ha ha! (By the way, I just needed to share because I am SO excited and I knew you'd understand - I put in my first cloth diaper order and it's waiting at my mom's. I can't wait to get there in two weeks and start trying them!)