Monday, February 16, 2009


Know what, I'm a bit of an idiot

See, there are certain topics I refrain from posting on here because of what I assume my readership is :namely those from BBC who find my blog through Matthew's links (thanks Matthew!).

See, when I was at Bethany, I was, er, different. Well, not my first year. My first year I was loud and outspoken and had an opinion on things. I quickly learned that wasn't the way to go, toned back and kept my mouth shut. It was a survival instinct. I had tried finding another school, but no one offered my program. So I sucked it up.

So now there are things I think and say that surprise some people. I know this because one of my friends emailed me because she had heard I was "saying some controversial stuff" and wanted to make sure I wasn't completely heathen. As fun as it was to think I mattered enough to be gossiped about, it kinda made me rethink things. See, as much as I own my opinions, I still have this nagging need to have people like me. Flying under the radar again becomes my default.

Now, I've branched out. There are people who read this that have never even heard of BBC, it's not something that defines me anymore, and so it really makes no sense to have it define my thoughts (or at least how I express them).

Not that I really think anything I have to say is all that controversial. I just want to be able to use this as a sounding board for the things I'm working through. Of course, comments are always appriciated. Tell me I'm wrong, tell me why you disagree, build me up and teach me things I don't know. Let's have a conversation.

Well, assuming that people are still reading


Dena said...

I'm a faithful reader. And sometimes I say "amen, sister" and sometimes I say "she may have lost her mind". But I love that you make me think, whether or not I agree.

Steph said...

Thanks Dena!

I think making people think is my biggest goal. Really that's what's important, because no one can ever learn anything if they don't think about it.

matthew said...

Yes, this is a thought-provoking blog. I even read some of the posts that you warn me I might not want to read!

Matt "the Bat" said...

oh good there's another Matthew I didn't make sense for me to be blamed for conservatives finding your blog through me. especially with most of the conservatives not well listening to what I say. Anyway your blog is fun to read... though I should listen to your warning when its going to be about women stuff there are things guys don't need to know.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Steph. I went to BBC too and flew under the radar but maybe not often enough. I've been gone eight years and while BBC helped shape me, it doesn't define who I am anymore. So speak your mind the way your meant to. I really enjoy reading your blog and thinking about your topics.

Elizabeth said...

I love your blog even when the ideas clash with my own and I always love write freely.

In other completely unrelated news, I bough the last ball of beautiful ball of Australian Merinos (the company closed this summer). It is 50g/140m. Not really enough to do anything with but it called to me (I know you understand) and it was half price. It has grey, purple, orange, pinks and yellows. Any suggestions on what I could make?