Saturday, August 30, 2008


The oppinions expressed on this blog are soley those of of the author - there is no expectation that these oppinions be held by the general public (altho at times that would be really nice). Also, the expression of these oppinions is not in any way judgement towards those who feel, think, or act differently, altho there may be some confusion on the part of the author as to why that is so.


Basically, I'm not mad at you for disagreeing with me, so it would be nice if you didn't get mad at me for disagreeing with you. Sure, I might question things you do, might even wonder at the thought process behind it or not understand it, but not constrew that as passing judgement. Everyone makes their own decisions for their own reasons and I am not delusional enough to think that I have any control over anyone else.

So if you, for example, enjoy eating ants and I happen to write about how I find ants themselves rather icky and list illnesses that are attibuted to the practice, that doesn't mean I think YOU are icky or that I expect you to agree with me and stop. The information here is just that - information. In fact, if there were great benefits to eating ants I'd appriciate if you shared them - information works both ways. If I were wrong about my thoughts on ant-eating I'd appriciate being corrected so that I could change my oppinion on the subject. No one likes being wrong, and I'm not so stubborn that I can't admit when I am and quickly change my positon before anyone notices.

So long as things are said in a respectful manner without personal attacks (an idea can be crazy but the person who holds that idea doesn't have to be) then we can all learn from one another, even if it's just gaining perspective on the opposing side that leaves us firmer in our own. Yes, I express my oppinions strongly and I will back them up, but I expect you think my ideas are as wrong as I think yours are, so you can be just as strong as I am. And we can still be friends (or become friends as the case may be).

If comments do become personal or fall into the "flame" category, they will be deleated and you can feel free to either email me (perryDOTstephanieATgmailDOTcom) or try again with wording that more clearly reflects your oppinion instead of your emotions.

Thanks for understanding.


Mommy Rader said...

Did I miss something?!?!?! And anyhow I for one am super-d-duper glad that you'll be posting more. I always enjoy your posts!

Hope all is going well with your family =)

Dena said...

I agree...did we miss something? I like hearing your opinions, even if I disagree with them. And I think I had always been good about either keeping my mouth shut or saying something very respectful. Anyway, I enjoy your posts and how they challenge me to think differently. And I love hearing about your growing family.

Steph said...

No ladies, you didn't miss anything, this is pre-emptive. I found myself censoring a lot of what I've wanted to say (partly why I haven't been posting much, that and the newborn lol), so I wanted to post this so I can refer back to it if I think things are going to get controversial.

Lindy said...

Does this mean we get to look forward to an old-school Steph post?

I hope so.

Glo said...

I agree lindy, I love hearing about the kids But I have missed the old school steph.