Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pregnancy Update

I am now 27wks pregnant. Yeah, I know, where did the time go! This pregnancy is honestly flying by, but I guess that's what chasing after a toddler every day will do!

Things are very different this time around. With Hana I had an anterior placenta (at the front of my belly) so movement was sort of muted until about 30 weeks. This time around I've been getting good strong see-my-belly-move sort of kicks since about 23 wks. Baby is very active! There is also less fear and worry this time around, which has made it a much more comfortable and magical pregnancy. Feeling my baby move, seeing myself grow, it just leaves me in awe, especially as I'm watching Hana grow and learn. It's so unreal to think that I have a part in bringing a life into the world!

I go for my glucose tolerance screening test on Wednesday and I'm expecting to pass no problem. Really it's just another useless blood draw, but oh well. I'm also going to get them to check my iron - I was really anemic with Hana and have been feeling slugish again lately, and I'm getting poked anyway. I'll also have my monthly appointment to be measured. So far everything is right on track!

I'm huge again this time. Random people keep asking when I'm due, thinking it's sometime in May. Nope. Not til July. It's kind of amusing watching their reactions. This is what happens when you have a really short torso and grow a baby. I don't mind, I like my belly, even tho I can't see my feet.

Pictures to come when Blogger lets me. Or you can just check my facebook.


Angela said...

Iron...have you tried wheatgrass? My iron was low as well and wheatgrass was awesome! If you don't like the shots (alot of health food stores offer free ones for prego women), you can buy the powder and put it in a shake or somethign and can't even taste it.
It's like and instant iron energy boost! It is amazing!

Steph said...

Thanks for the idea! I'll have to try that, it would be much better than taking suppliments again!